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Custom Made-to-Order Bumper Guard

Item #LCBG is a custom made-to-order bumper guard for Luggage and Bellman Carts. DuraBumper luggage cart bumper guards are the highest quality and best-fitting bumper guard solutions on the market. Our bumpers eliminate costly repairs and protect lobbies, elevators, and hallway walls from unsightly scuff lines and dents. 


  1. MEASURE CART (Cart Measuring Instructions)
  2. DETERMINE Bumper Size (Item #LCBG Size Chart)
  3. ENTER Cart's EXACT Measurements
  4. SELECT CORRECT Bumper Size

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Size Chart for Item #LCBG
SMALL LESS than or EQUAL to 120"
MEDIUM GREATER than 120" & LESS than 138"
LARGE EQUAL to or GREATER than to 138"


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Benefits & Features:

● Custom fit for Luggage & Bellman Carts

● Protects walls, doorways and elevators from nicks, scratches & scuff marks  

● Reduces facility repair costs & cosmetic touch-ups 

● Increases staff efficiency – work quickly without causing damage

● Protects hotel, hospitality and janitorial equipment from damage

● Offers a professional fit and appearance 

● Installs easily, fits tightly and stays securely attached

Item #LCBG Installation Instructions for Luggage Carts with rubber bumper

Item #LCBG Installation Instructions for Luggage Carts with metal frames

● Made with padded layers of premium materials that are highly durable yet smooth & non-marking

● Made in the USA 


CIRCUMFERENCE = The length (distance) around the widest point of the cart's rubber bumper or frame.


DO NOT calculate the circumference by adding together the cart's dimensions (length + length + width + width), as this only works for an exact rectangle and not for carts with rounded corners.


Physically measure each cart.

EXACT measurements are required.

Custom-made items are non-returnable.

In the fields above, enter the following for EACH CART SIZE:

  • Circumference

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DuraBumper Item #LCBG bumper guard requires measurements.