Protect your home & business interior with DuraBumper™ Guards

Customer Reviews

August 2021
Author: Maureen S., GM, Charlestowne Hotels – SC
"They look great and work well!  It fit right over the current (worn!) rubber bumpers.” [Luggage Cart Bumper Guard – Item #LCBG]

August 2021
Author: Michael B., Dir. of Rooms, Hyatt Regency Indianapolis – IN
"The Front Office team likes the bumper guard we tested on the bell-cart, as it helps reduce wall marks and scratches the carts cause in our corridors and on guest room entry doors. Our untrained guests have been using these bell-carts more frequently than in history, so the carts are causing more blemishes in our hotel.” [Luggage Cart Bumper Guard – Item #LCBG]

August 2021
Author: Patrick D., Dir. of Purchasing, Montage Laguna Beach – CA
"The team has finally had time to test the Bellmen cart bumper guard and they love it." [Luggage Cart Bumper Guard – Item #LCBG]

August 2021
Author: Talia O., Dir. of Sales, Sonesta Es Suites – MA
"We ordered and installed bumpers on all 4 of our bell-carts, and they’re working out great." [Luggage Cart Bumper Guard – Item #LCBG]

August 2021
Author: Odette C., Yacht Agent, BWA Yachting – Spain
"Thank you very much for your help and fast response, very appreciated." [Floor-brush Bumper Guards – Canister Vacuum Bumpers]

August 2021
Author: M. Patel, Owner, Budget Inn of St. Cloud – FL
“I’ve owned my hotel for 38 years, so I can tell you with certainty, your bumper guards are the BEST at protecting hotels from damage. 10 out of 10!” [Housekeeping Cart Bumper Guard – Item #HCBG | Poly Truck Bumper Guard – Item #PTBG | Upright Vacuum Bumper – Item UB15L]

August 2021
Author: Director of Housekeeping & Laundry, The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua – HI
“Installation and fit is good. I like them, but more importantly, the housemen using carts likes them. The bumpers prevent damage to the walls.” [Poly Truck Bumper Guards – Item #PTBG]

July 2021
Author: J. Sanchez, Guest Experience Manager, Walt Disney’s Riviera Resort – FL
"The bumpers are helping prevent damage down our guest hallways.” [Luggage Cart Bumper Guards – Item #LCBG]

July 2021
Author: Will C., Managing Engineer, Hyatt Place + Hyatt House, Charleston - Historic District – SC
“Bumpers look great!!” [Vinyl Truck Bumper System – Item #VTBS]

June 2021
Author: Erik M., Director of Engineering, Austin Marriott Downtown – TX"The Poly Bumper Guards are awesome – best one I’ve seen so far. Fits like a glove. Easy to install, even for the ladies. I haven’t seen any damage from the carts. Housemen using the black linen carts are doing great.  
Thank you for helping out with this.” [Poly Truck Bumper Guards – Item #PTBG]

March 2021
Author: Wayne L., Chief Engineer, Hyatt House Irvine, John Wayne Airport – CA
“Bumpers are great! We’re looking at bumpers for luggage carts next!” [Poly Truck Bumper Guards – Item #PTBG]

March 2021
Author:  Heather Leach, Amazon 5-Star Review
I stumbled So happy upon this. Very easy to install and I feel the durability is great. No more bumping issues." [Shark Vacuum Bumper – Item #UB89SHK]

February 2021
Author:  Lauren, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Save your baseboards! BUY NOW! My baseboards and trim were disgusting from the cleaning crew ramming my vacuum into them. I had them cleaned then added this to the vacuum and it has literally saved my baseboards! Best money spent!" [Shark Vacuum Bumper – Item #UB89SHK & Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH42SM]

February 2021
Author:  J. Cisneros, Courtyard Hacienda Heights / Orange County
"The bumper guards are excellent. We recently finished renovating all our guest rooms and hallways, and they are definitely helping to protect and prevent any damages. These bumpers are a terrific add-on to our carts.” [Poly Truck Bumper Guards – Item #PTBG | Rubbermaid Housekeeping Cart Bumper – R-WACB]

January 2021
Author:  Christopher A. Seams, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Fits great and works perfectly. Easy to install." [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH59LG]

January 2021
Author:  MSK, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Buy if you care about your baseboards.  Within weeks of getting a new vacuum, I noticed that the front of the red vacuum was covered in white paint. I then checked my baseboards and saw where it was coming from. This does its job. Well worth it." [Shark Vacuum Bumper – Item #UB89SHK]

December 2020
Author:  A. Breandan, The Ritz-Carlton – Los Angeles
“The sample is fantastic and fits great around our Meese 39-20 poly trucks!  We will move forward with placing the order for them, but just need to update the order quantity to 14 more units.” [Poly Truck Bumper Guards – Item #PTBG]

December 2020
Author:  Joelmex, Amazon 4-Star Review
“Bom Produto! Protege bem." English Translation: “Good Product!  Protects well.” [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH66MD]

December 2020
Author:  Stephanie T., Amazon 5-Star Review
“Best price on Amazon. Exactly what I needed to keep my maid from damaging everything. Quality!" [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH59LG]

December 2020
Author:  Rainbow G, Amazon 5-Star Review
“A great item to own to protect moldings and furniture! It was easy to put on and I liked it so much I purchased 2 of them. I have 2 different vacuums and it fit both" [Upright Vacuum Bumper – Item #UB58XS]

December 2020
Author:  Christopher A. Seams, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Fits great and works perfectly. Easy to install." [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH42SM]

December 2020
Author:  JP, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Protects your vacuum and walls.  Good: 1) Easy to install with the provided Velcro stickers. 2) Works as advertised. 3) Made with quality.  Bad: 1) A bit expensive for what it is. 2) I wish the cloth provided cutouts for the light on the vacuum instead of covering it.  Exactly what I was looking for and would buy again." [Shark Vacuum Bumper – Item #UB89SHK]

December 2020
Author:  Candice Brennan, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Bumper Guard Protection – I love that the bumper guard protects the wall, baseboards and cabinetry when vacuuming.  It is money well spent and I would purchase this product again." [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH59LG]

November 2020
Author:  TontoTwo, Amazon 5-Star Review

“A must have! Great value to protect furniture.  Fits great, easy to apply. Protect furniture and baseboards!" [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH42SM]

November 2020
Author:  Albaraa Al-Hiyari, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Perfect for the powerhead! The product works perfectly! Not much else to say." [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH66MD]

November 2020
Author:  R.W., Amazon 5-Star Review
“I loved! It protects not only my furniture, baseboards but the vacuum as well, great product!" [Canister Vacuum Bumper – Item #CB28SM]

October 2020
Author:  Frederico Rocha, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Is good for protecting hit furniture.  I use for my vacuum Miele" [Canister Vacuum Bumper – Item #CB28SM]

October 2020
Author:  Jill Laskey, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Works as described.  Fits well. Easy to install." [Canister Vacuum Bumper – Item #CB28SM]

October 2020
Author:  Jill Laskey, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Works as described.  Fits well. Easy to install." [Canister Vacuum Bumper – Item #CB28SM]

October 2020
Author:  Angela, Amazon 5-Star Review
"A definite must have for professional housecleaners such as myself.  Fits perfectly and came very fast.  Would order more." [Shark Vacuum Bumper - Item #UB89SHK]

October 2020
Author:  Customer999, Amazon 5-Star Review
"I bought this to make vacuuming quieter when it hits baseboards or furniture. It does work. I don't like that it covers the LEDs on my Shark Rotator. The Velcro tape seems really strong.  I like that this padding covers the sides as well as the front." [Shark Vacuum Bumper - Item #UB89SHK]

September 2020
Author:  Dayle Ann Vidrine, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Fabulous! These are the best vacuum bumpers! I was a bit concerned that they'd leave black marks on my white moldings but not at all. I highly recommend!" [Upright Vacuum Bumper – Item #UB58XS]

September 2020
Author:  Scott W., Amazon 5-Star Review
"Fits well.  Easy to install.  Really helps save on the bumps and scrapes of our woodwork." [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper - Item #VH59LG]

August 2020
Author:  Kindle Customer, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Awesome except Velcro.I really like that this protects my baseboard from unsightly black marks. I wish that it could be attached using something other than velcro, this seems to come loose after multiple uses!" [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH59LG]

August 2020
Author:  Floor Supervisor - Housekeeping, ENORE Boston Harbor
"The vacuum protectors are working great!  We had positive feedback from the room attendants... As for the [custom] collector cart bumper guards, we only have the one installed...and it has been very sturdy and great overall.  The room attendant who used that cart...said that she loved it and it's great."

July 2020
Author:  G. Mcleod, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Perfect solution to scuff marks!!! Wish I had gotten this product a lot sooner! We have been struggling with black scuff marks on our baseboards for years & had to scrub them every few months (back breaking work!) because they would get so numerous that it really stood out. This product, added to our Oreck Elevate vacuum, completely stopped that from occurring & we have not had to touch our baseboards since!!!!!! Took seconds to install & easily adjustable (with Velcro) for a custom fit!" [Upright Vacuum Bumper - Item #UB58XS]

July 2020
Author:  Michael S., Amazon 5-Star Review
"Perfect fit, high quality. Worth every cent." [Dyson Ball Vacuum Bumper - Item #UB72CPT]

July 2020
Author:  Alexa, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Easy to attach. Perfect fit." [Canister Vacuum Bumper - Item #CB28SM]

July 2020
Author:  Gerald Rothman Jr, Amazon 5-Star Review
"This bumper guard saved my trim from being scratched!" [Canister Vacuum Bumper - Item #CB28SM]

July 2020
Author:  KnitChick, Amazon 5-Star Review
"This bumper works so well, I wish I had it years ago. It saves baseboard paint and furniture. Easy to install." [Canister Vacuum Bumper - Item #CB35LG]

June 2020
Author:  Shanna, Amazon 5-Star Review
"We have several furry pets so I worried that this would look awful after every use, but it's held up beautifully and the fur really doesn't stick like I thought it would. After a few months use, I just use the vacuum to get off the few first that we're sticking. Great product to keep walls and furniture from getting scratched." [Wessle-Werk Vacuum Bumper - Item #VH-PTWW]

June 2020
Author:  Alert Cleaning Services, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Great product.  Buying more." [Upright Vacuum Bumper - Item #UB04STD]

June 2020
Author:  Brown, Amazon 5-Star Review
"This fit my Shark perfect. I wish I had discovered it sooner." [Shark Vacuum Bumper - Item #UB89SHK]

June 2020
Author:  Amazon Customer, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Love this bumper! My Shark Navigator was scuffing our newly painted baseboards. Bumper looks great and was easy to install." [Shark Vacuum Bumper - Item #UB89SHK]

May 2020
Author:  Keith, Amazon 5-Star Review
"It does just what it is supposed to. Easy to put on!"  [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper - Item #VH59LG]

May 2020
Author:  Lisa, Amazon 5-Star Review
"This is perfect and I wish I found it earlier as my vacuum has dented a lot of furniture.  The Velcro is super strong and keeps the bumper in place.  So.  Glad I found this!" [Shark Vacuum Bumper - Item #UB89SHK]

May 2020
Author:  Elizabeth, Tannersville, NY - Amazon 5-Star Review
"Saves me from banging into walls around corners.  Great idea! Fits my Miele [vacuum]."

March 2020
Author:  Bill, Furniture Medic
"Thought you might be interested in how I used the DuraBumper guard on some luggage racks. I like the flexibility of the DuraBumper because the ledge of the luggage cart, where the bumper needed to go, is not flat all the way around the cart. The DuraBumper worked out well."

February 2020
Author:  Debbie, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Our light coloured baseboards were marked by years of inadvertently hitting them with the power nozzle of our vacuum cleaner. After painting them we vowed we would never want to deal with the black marks on our baseboards again, so we ordered this product. The power head bumper is easy to install, and provides enough padding and protection if you hit your baseboards by mistake. Highly recommend this product." [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper - Item# VH66MD]

January 2020
Author:  Tom, Best Western Marquis Inn
"The wheel bumper covers are working very well. We have a brand new hotel and your wheel guards are a god send. lol"

January 2020
Author:  Claudia, Residential Customer, 
Amazon Review
"I just wanted to thank you for quickly shipping my item to me. I love your products and refuse to use any new vacuum without first having a VacuBumper on it. Thank you for making such great products and for shipping so quickly."

December 2019
Author:  Jane, Fountain Hills, AZ
"We're quite happy with the last bumper we ordered (VH66MD). This, along with the bumper guard for our canister vacuum, gives great protection for the vacuum, furniture, and base trim."

December 2019
Author: Andrew Minard, Maintenance, Residence Inn by Marriott, Midland, MI
"Wow impressive!...Just finished installing our bumpers. I must say, I can tell that these are quality and made with a lot of integrity. Thanks for caring about putting out a great product."

November 2019
Author: Marianne Ellis, CEO, VEO Group & CEO Success Community
"We all need DuraBumper Guards! Protect your floorboards & walls—especially hotels, retail, hospitals, corporate offices and more!"

November 2019
Author: Erica, General Manager, The Dolphin Bay, FL
"The Luggage Cart Bumpers are great! They have helped reduce damage to the walls, and they look aesthetically much better than the alternative option we were using. Thank you for contacting us regarding the bumper guards. I am glad you did because we actually want to purchase (2) more of the exact same item." [Luggage Cart Bumper Guard - Item #LCBG]

November 2019
Author: David, Ponte Vedra,FL - Amazon 5-Star Review
"If you really care about your furniture and baseboards, this is the perfect solution. Before this, I had a lot of chips and scuffs all over my furniture and around my home. This product is amazing!"

November 2019
Author: Mary-Beth Flanders, General Manager, Candlewood Suites Gillette
"YES! We will be reordering enough [bumper guards] to place on every laundry cart." [Poly Truck Bumper Guard - Item #PTBG]

October 2019
Author: AMJD, Residential Customer, Amazon 5-Star Review
"I have shark rocket style apex. This fits great. Attaches with velcro. I attached and was vacuuming without worry of damage to baseboards and furniture."

August 2019
Author:  Lisa, General Manager, Residence Inn - SpringHill Suites
"They work great!!  I wish I had found you earlier in my career!! Your product is amazing, we use to use the pool noodles to cover our carts and a variety of other things to keep our wall vinyl safe, but this is the best I have ever seen. I love the product." [Housekeeping Cart Bumper Guard - Item #R-WACB]

July 2019
Author: Frank Kennedy, Business Development Mgr, American Hotel Register Co.
"These are the ladies I go to for Bumpers for vacuums, SICO beds, GRA Carts, etc. We have great success in Las Vegas casino hotels with DuraBumper Guards. The quality of their product is superior to others you will find on the market & their team is very easy to work with."

June 2019
Author: Jose Lopez, Maintenance Engineer, Hilton Garden Inn, Beaverton, Oregon
"You are doing well and making a difference in the hospitality industry. Blessings."

July 2019
Author: Pedro, Amazon 5-Star Review
"I am really happy."  [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper - VH42SM].

April 2019 
Author: Praveena, Abingdon, VA - Residential Customer, Amazon 5-Star Review
"If you really care about your furniture and baseboards this is the perfect solution. Before this I had a lot of chips and scuffs all over my furniture and around my home. This product is amazing!"

April 2019
Author: L. Mc, Amazon 5-Star Review
"I have a Bank canister vacuum.  It measure 41".  The bumper guard [CB35LG] fits perfect...  Product is very well made and does protect your walls & furniture."

February 2019
Author:  Jimmy, Maid Brigade
“We’ve been using a product that costs more and does not last very long, so I’ve been searching for a new bumper guard to protect our customers baseboards when our teams are vacuuming in their homes.  Another Maid Brigade franchise suggested using DuraBumper so I gave them a call.  Raye was so helpful and ordering the product was simple.  I ordered online and we received the product within 3 business days.  The bumper guard was easy to install and fit so much better than the old one.  Best of all...the price was cheaper than the other.  I’d highly recommend using this product.” 

September 2018
Author:  Cami, Spokane, WA, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Wonderful product- saved my white trim from vacuum marks!"

January 2018
Author: Anthoney Simmons, Accente Group, Asheville, NC
"This products has saved my new hotel's walls from Cart-agedden time and time again. Worst product ever...for paint salespeople and drywall repair."

April 2017
Author: Chad Cooper, Hampton Inn & Suites Vanderbilt-Elliston Place
"The [Polly Truck Bumper Guards] are working out great and will keep you in mind because we have luggage carts that I would like to put the bumper guards on soon.  Thank you so much for great products."

April 2017
Author: Panedra, Housekeeping Admin Assistant, Dunes Village Resort
"The bumper guards work great, they also help prevent scratches on the interior wall in the building. I'm sure we will be ordering more in the near future."

January 2017
Author: Jennifer, General Manager, Hampton Inn Wyomissing PA
"I received the vacuum bumper yesterday and put it on our new vacuum - love it. Thank you!"

November 2016
Author: Kris, Four Seasons and Residences Jackson Hold
"We would like to get your company as a vendor. We will be ordering a lot of items from your company and would like to make it as efficient as possible."

November 2015
Author:  J. Anderade, Amazon 5-Star Review
"What an awesome product! I bought a Miele and it scratched up my baseboards something awful...This product covers all around the floor head, leaving no exposed areas to hit anything. Genius!"

May 2015
Author:  Amazon 5-Star Review
"This works! Stop scuff marks on your baseboards with VacuBumper products. Made in USA."

December 2014
Author: Wendy, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Love this! My pretty fast and I guess is harder than I am on the vacuum and my baseboards and furniture started getting all chipped and dented. I didn't want to buy a new vacuum or switch housekeepers so this bumper is the perfect solution! ...I think I'm going to buy the canister protector, too. Small price to pay to protect my expensive furniture and baseboards..."

July 2014
Author: marian3410, Reston, VA - Amazon Review
"Works as advertised. Will never have another vacuum without one. Saves the baseboards from damage and [won't] have to repaint!"

May 2014
Author: Cali Girl, Amazon Review
"Works Great! The bumper guard installed easily, and now I don't have to worry about bumping my baseboards and damaging them. Plus, I think when I run the vacuum up against the baseboards, it does a little dusting of them. Glad I got it."

March 2013
Author: Lindsy M. Carranza, Omaha, NE - Amazon Review
"LOVE IT! This is the third one I've bought for different vacuums and they work wonderfully! I have a cleaning business and this helps prevent damage to walls/furniture/baseboards etc."

February 2013
Author: KimmyC - Zanesville, Ohio 
"I have the upright Bumper and just love it! It has protected my woodwork and furniture. I noticed it dusts my woodwork too. When I weep around the the fireplace bricks the bumper keeps the sweeper form getting caught under the brick and scratching the sweeper as well. This small investment will save you loads of money in the long run."

March 2012
Author: Lindsy M. Carranza, Cleaning Service Provider, Amazon Review
"LOVE these Bumpers! I have two vacuums one for work (I clean for a living) and one for my home. I have bumpers for both of these vacuums and they are great! I have some black marks on my baseboards from an older vacuum and these bumpers are great for protecting your furniture/baseboards and more from bumps and scratches while vacuuming. They are very easy to put on and fit all kinds of vacuums."

June 2012
Author: Aasta - Dallas, TX
"Great product. I can vacuum faster and with less concern with this product. I got one for my upright."

November 2012
Author: Bri - WI 
"Why did it take so long for someone to invent this? I bought a bumper for my Oreck and it fits perfectly. Now I can vacuum quickly without worrying about scratching my furniture and woodwork or messing up my vacuum!"

September 2011
Author: Clarisse S. Castro, Amazon Review
"Just what I needed. Works well for me. Easily applied; keeps walls & furniture from receiving bumps and nicks. Product a bit expensive, though."




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