Trust the DuraBumper Label – Crafting the Highest Quality, Perfect-Fit Bumper Guards on the market

June 2023
Author: Sandra King – Amazon 5-Star Review
"Good Product. This item fits on my vacuum correctly, was easy to install & really does protect the walls & furniture!!!!” [Floor Brush Bumper Guard – Item VH42SM]

February 2023
Author: Rita – Amazon 5-Star Review
"Great addition to a vacuum. In case it bumps against the wall/furniture, no marks are left. Easy to install and stays on.” [Floor Brush Bumper Guard – Item VH42SM]

June 2022
Author: Patriot – Amazon 5-Star Review
"NO MORE BLACK STRIPED ON WHITE WOODWORK! Easy to put on both my vac heads. After going on hands and knees to remove the stripes my vac heads left, I now have pristine white woodwork!" [Powerhead Bumper Guard – Item VH59LG]

February 2022
Author:  L. Casterella, Amazon 5-Star Review
"We ordered our second one for our other rental house vacuum. They go on easily and stay that way" [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper Guard – Item #VH42SM]

February 2022
Author:  Crystal – Garland TX, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Awesome, perfect product." [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper Guard – Item #VH66MD]

January 2022
Author: Amazon Customer 5-Star Review
"Love everything about it.  It’s perfect and protects furniture and baseboards." [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH42SM]

December 2021
Author: Amazon Customer 5-Star Review
"Great product.” [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH59LG]

September 2021
Author:  Godfrey, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Exactly as advertised. Just a small amount of effort to attach the velcro strips onto the brush and then wrap with the "bumper." Ready to order a 2nd one for our other floor attachments." [Floor-brush Bumper – Item #VH42SM]

August 2021
Author: Nana99, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Does the trick. No more marred walls." [Shark Vacuum Bumper – Item #UB89SHK]

August 2021
Author: Odette C., Yacht Agent, BWA Yachting – Spain
"Thank you very much for your help and fast response, very appreciated." [Floor-brush Bumper Guards – Canister Vacuum Bumpers]

February 2021
Author:  Lauren, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Save your baseboards! BUY NOW! My baseboards and trim were disgusting from the cleaning crew ramming my vacuum into them. I had them cleaned then added this to the vacuum and it has literally saved my baseboards! Best money spent!" [Shark Vacuum Bumper – Item #UB89SHK & Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH42SM]

January 2021
Author:  Christopher A. Seams, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Fits great and works perfectly. Easy to install." [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH59LG]

December 2020
Author:  Joelmex, Amazon 4-Star Review
“Bom Produto! Protege bem." English Translation: “Good Product!  Protects well.” [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH66MD]

December 2020
Author:  Stephanie T., Amazon 5-Star Review
“Best price on Amazon. Exactly what I needed to keep my maid from damaging everything. Quality!" [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH59LG]

December 2020
Author:  Christopher A. Seams, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Fits great and works perfectly. Easy to install." [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH42SM]

December 2020
Author:  Candice Brennan, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Bumper Guard Protection – I love that the bumper guard protects the wall, baseboards and cabinetry when vacuuming.  It is money well spent and I would purchase this product again." [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH59LG]

November 2020
Author:  TontoTwo, Amazon 5-Star Review

“A must have! Great value to protect furniture.  Fits great, easy to apply. Protect furniture and baseboards!" [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH42SM]

November 2020
Author:  Albaraa Al-Hiyari, Amazon 5-Star Review
“Perfect for the powerhead! The product works perfectly! Not much else to say." [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH66MD]

September 2020
Author:  Scott W., Amazon 5-Star Review
"Fits well.  Easy to install.  Really helps save on the bumps and scrapes of our woodwork." [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper - Item #VH59LG]

August 2020
Author:  Kindle Customer, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Awesome except Velcro. I really like that this protects my baseboard from unsightly black marks. I wish that it could be attached using something other than velcro, this seems to come loose after multiple uses!" [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH59LG]

May 2020
Author:  Keith, Amazon 5-Star Review
"It does just what it is supposed to. Easy to put on!"  [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper - Item #VH59LG]

February 2020
Author:  Debbie, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Our light coloured baseboards were marked by years of inadvertently hitting them with the power nozzle of our vacuum cleaner. After painting them we vowed we would never want to deal with the black marks on our baseboards again, so we ordered this product. The power head bumper is easy to install, and provides enough padding and protection if you hit your baseboards by mistake. Highly recommend this product." [Powerhead Vacuum Bumper - Item# VH66MD]

December 2019
Author:  Jane, Fountain Hills, AZ
"We're quite happy with the last bumper we ordered (VH66MD). This, along with the bumper guard for our canister vacuum, gives great protection for the vacuum, furniture, and base trim."

July 2019
Author: Pedro, Amazon 5-Star Review
"I am really happy."  [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper - VH42SM].

April 2019
Author: L. Mc, Amazon 5-Star Review
"I have a Bank canister vacuum.  It measure 41".  The bumper guard [CB35LG] fits perfect...  Product is very well made and does protect your walls & furniture."

March 2016
Author: Jenova7, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Perfect for avoiding the dreaded "Black Stripe." My home is somewhat large and is primarily floored in hardwood. I bought the Bumper for a floor attachment on my Beam central vac. As shown, the head is black. My baseboards and door casings are white. Over time, they became white/gray with a lovely black stripe. I saw the Bumper and immediately ordered it. It was easy to install, and it works perfectly. It needs to be put on precisely, I have found, since it seems to interfere with the suction somewhat if it hangs too far down on the attachment. Easy enough fix: magic Velcro that will NOT come off the head, no matter how many times you need to tweak the Bumper's position. Best thing, anybody in this household can now vacuum without fear of reprisal for scraping black on the baseboards. (We just repainted the entire first floor.) I love this product. I just wish I could convince someone else to do the vacuuming once in a while! Oh, and the hand-written "Thank you" on the packing slip from the vendor simply made me happy to support the company and its product." [Floor-brush Vacuum Bumper – Item #VH42SM]

November 2015
Author:  J. Anderade, Amazon 5-Star Review
"What an awesome product! I bought a Miele and it scratched up my baseboards something awful...This product covers all around the floor head, leaving no exposed areas to hit anything. Genius!"