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Luggage Cart Bumper Guards by DuraBumper

Your guests' first impression is essential, so keep fresh paint and wallcoverings looking pristine – install bumper guards. 

We put all our energy and resources into making the highest quality and best-fitting bumper guard solutions on the market, so look for the DuraBumper™ label!

DuraBumper™ Guards are produced with padded layers of materials, including foam laminated nylon loop, marine carpet, foam rubber, and a ballistic nylon exterior that is highly durable yet smooth and non-marking.


Measuring Instructions:


  • EXACT measurements are required.
  • In the fields above, enter the following for EACH cart size:
    • LENGTH and WIDTH
  • We cannot accept returns of custom-made products. 

NOTE:  You must physically measure each cart.  Do not calculate the circumference using Length x Width because carts have rounded edges (and are not rectangular). 

TIP:  Use string or twine to determine a cart's CIRCUMFERENCE.  Wrap string around the widest point of the cart's rubber bumper or frame.  Then measure the string's length with a measuring tape.  


 Printable Installation Instructions
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