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Bumper Guard & Caddy Bags for Rubbermaid Trash Can - Item #TCBG-44



Product Details

Convert your Brute 44-gallon trash cans into an efficient mobile cleaning station.  Item #TCBG Bumper–Caddy Combo protects facilities from damage, organizes cleaning supplies, looks GREAT, and stays securely attached.

This dynamic duo requires 55-gallon poly trash bags or larger.

Benefits & Features:

  • Universal fit for Rubbermaid® Brute® style 44-gallon Trash Cans
  • Two Caddy Bags securely & easily attach to bumper guard to provide a total of 6 pockets for cleaning supply organization
  • Protects walls, doorways and elevators from nicks, scratches & scuff marks
  • Reduces facility repair costs & cosmetic touch-ups
  • Increases staff efficiency - work quickly without causing damage
  • Protects hotel, hospitality and janitorial equipment from damage
  • Offers a professional appearance
  • Installs easily, fits tightly and stays securely attached - Item #TCBG-44 Installation Instructions
  • Trash can liners / bags easily fit over bumper guard
  • Made with padded layers of premium materials that are highly durable yet smooth & non-marking
  • Made in the USA

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