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Bumper Guard for Robot Vacuums - Item #ROBO



Product Details

Item #ROBO bumper guard is a customizable, stylish, and a perfect Fit for ALL Robot Vacuum Brands! Simply cut the bumper guard to fit the segments of the vacuum that causes damage. Once installed, bumper guard stays securely attached and allows the vacuum to dock!

Customizable Cut-to-Fit Bumper Guard offers a perfect fit for:

  • Roomba®
  • Shark®
  • iRobot®
  • Neato®
  • Eufy®
  • Yeedi®

Benefits & Features:

  • Customizable to fit all robotic vacuum brands, regardless of the shape or size.
  • Eliminates damage to furniture, woodwork, walls and paint; in addition it protects vacuum!
  • Provides better protection: 3/8-inch thick bumper guard is made of soft, durable fabric laminated with dense foam-rubber.
  • Full Coverage:  60-inches of Bumper Guard – enough to cover top, bottom, front and back of vacuum.
  • Attaches securely with industrial strength Velcro®
  • Installs Easily - Item #ROBO Installation Instructions
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