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Robot Vacuum Bumper Guard | ROBO


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Cut to Custom Fit for Robot style vacuums

 SKU Measure for a Perfect Fit

Measure each section of Robo vacuum - front and each side.  DO NOT include the back section of the Robo vacuum in measurement.

Size: Fits ALL Robot Vacuum dimensions:

  • Length: 36" of Bumper & Velcro


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Do you feel frustrated when your robo vacuum smacks walls and furniture all day long, causing irritating background noise and leaving a build-up of unsightly nicks & scuff-marks?

Install our RoboVac Bumper ~ allow the vacuum to move about without risking damage to your furniture, woodwork, paint and even the vacuum.

VacuBumper™ for Robo vacuums are cut to fit each section of the vacuum using industrial strength Velcro and a heavy 1 inch felt.  Our bumper are cut-to-fit, so RoboVac is compatible with past and present-day vacuum models.

  • Universal fit for all Robo vacuum brands
  • Made of durable 1/4 inch felt 
  • Attaches securely with Velcro®
  • Easy Installation
  • Hand Washable

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