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Copy of Installation & Care Instructions OLD

Important Installation Details

  • Adhesives adhere better to plastics than rubber. If possible, attach hook fastener adhesive strips primarily to the plastic frame of the vacuum-head / power-nozzle.
  • Bumper must completely cover the hook fasteners in order to shield dust and prevent debris from attaching to the adhesive. Dust and debris will prevent hook fastener strips from adhering well.
    • If present, do not cover vacuum's ventilation holes.
      • Bumper should not hang below the vacuum-head, as it could impede the vacuum's performance.
        • Optional: If the bumper is too long, (using sharp scissors) adjust to fit by simply removing flaps at each end. NOTE: Cut flaps behind the seam to prevent fabric from gaping or fraying.

          DuraBumper™ Vacuum Bumpers are Machine Washable! 

          • We recommend using a vacuum attachment to remove debris from the bumper guard
          • Gently remove bumper to prevent Velcro from detaching from vacuum
          • Machine wash in warm water and air-dry 
          • If replacement Velcro is needed, orders can be placed online at

          Care Instructions

          • Remove pet fur by wiping bumper with a damp cloth or rubber glove. Pet fur can also be removed with a lint brush or by vacuuming the bumper with a vacuum attachment.
          • For best cleaning results, use a damp cloth to remove dust and debris. Machine washable in warm water. Air dry.


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