Trust the DuraBumper Label – Crafting the Highest Quality, Perfect-Fit Bumper Guards on the market

November 2022
Author: Yesenia Tovar – Amazon 5-Star Review
"Five Stars – I love. It is a product that really fulfills the function of protecting the vacuum cleaner.”[Canister Bumper Guard - Item - CB28SM]

November 2020
Author:  R.W., Amazon 5-Star Review
“I loved! It protects not only my furniture, baseboards but the vacuum as well, great product!" [Canister Vacuum Bumper – Item #CB28SM]

October 2020
Author:  Frederico Rocha, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Is good for protecting hit furniture.  I use for my vacuum Miele" [Canister Vacuum Bumper – Item #CB28SM]

October 2020
Author:  Jill Laskey, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Works as described.  Fits well. Easy to install." [Canister Vacuum Bumper – Item #CB28SM]

October 2020
Author:  Jill Laskey, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Works as described.  Fits well. Easy to install." [Canister Vacuum Bumper – Item #CB28SM]

September 2020
Author:  Dayle Ann Vidrine, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Fabulous! These are the best vacuum bumpers! I was a bit concerned that they'd leave black marks on my white moldings but not at all. I highly recommend!" [Upright Vacuum Bumper – Item #UB58XS]

July 2020
Author:  Alexa, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Easy to attach. Perfect fit." [Canister Vacuum Bumper - Item #CB28SM]

July 2020
Author:  Gerald Rothman Jr, Amazon 5-Star Review
"This bumper guard saved my trim from being scratched!" [Canister Vacuum Bumper - Item #CB28SM]

July 2020
Author:  KnitChick, Amazon 5-Star Review
"This bumper works so well, I wish I had it years ago. It saves baseboard paint and furniture. Easy to install." [Canister Vacuum Bumper - Item #CB35LG]

May 2020
Author:  Elizabeth, Tannersville, NY - Amazon 5-Star Review
"Saves me from banging into walls around corners.  Great idea! Fits my Miele [vacuum]."this 

January 2020
Author:  Claudia, Residential Customer, 
"I just wanted to thank you for quickly shipping my item to me. I love your products and refuse to use any new vacuum without first having a VacuBumper on it. Thank you for making such great products and for shipping so quickly."

November 2019
Author: David, Ponte Vedra,FL - Amazon 5-Star Review
"If you really care about your furniture and baseboards, this is the perfect solution. Before this, I had a lot of chips and scuffs all over my furniture and around my home. This product is amazing!"

April 2019
Author: L. Mc, Amazon 5-Star Review
"I have a Bank canister vacuum.  It measure 41".  The bumper guard [CB35LG] fits perfect...  Product is very well made and does protect your walls & furniture."

September 2018
Author:  Cami, Spokane, WA, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Wonderful product- saved my white trim from vacuum marks!"

November 2015
Author:  J. Anderade, Amazon 5-Star Review
"What an awesome product! I bought a Miele and it scratched up my baseboards something awful...This product covers all around the floor head, leaving no exposed areas to hit anything. Genius!"

May 2015
Author:  Amazon 5-Star Review
"This works! Stop scuff marks on your baseboards with VacuBumper products. Made in USA."

December 2014
Author: Wendy, Amazon 5-Star Review
"Love this! My pretty fast and I guess is harder than I am on the vacuum and my baseboards and furniture started getting all chipped and dented. I didn't want to buy a new vacuum or switch housekeepers so this bumper is the perfect solution! ...I think I'm going to buy the canister protector, too. Small price to pay to protect my expensive furniture and baseboards..."

July 2014
Author: marian3410, Reston, VA - Amazon Review
"Works as advertised. Will never have another vacuum without one. Saves the baseboards from damage and [won't] have to repaint!"

March 2013
Author: Lindsy M. Carranza, Omaha, NE - Amazon Review
"LOVE IT! This is the third one I've bought for different vacuums and they work wonderfully! I have a cleaning business and this helps prevent damage to walls/furniture/baseboards etc."

March 2012
Author: Lindsy M. Carranza, Cleaning Service Provider, Amazon Review
"LOVE these Bumpers! I have two vacuums one for work (I clean for a living) and one for my home. I have bumpers for both of these vacuums and they are great! I have some black marks on my baseboards from an older vacuum and these bumpers are great for protecting your furniture/baseboards and more from bumps and scratches while vacuuming. They are very easy to put on and fit all kinds of vacuums."