Protect your home & business interior with DuraBumper™ Guards

BUMPER GUARD made to fit R&B Wire® Vinyl Bumper Truck | VTB-2


See Below for Measuring Instructions


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Daily mishaps with laundry & utility trucks cause damage to hallway walls, doorframes and elevators. Install our Vinyl Truck (with rubber top-edge) Bumper Guards by DuraBumper to protect surfaces and eliminate costly repairs.


Custom Bumper Guards for R&B Wire® Vinyl Bumper Trucks or trucks with a rubber top-edge

NOTE:  Vinyl Basket Truck Measurements are REQUIRED when placing orders. 

Cart Measuring Instructions


  • EXACT measurements are required
  • Two people are necessary when measuring carts
  • We cannot accept returns of custom-made products
  • In the fields above, enter the following for EACH vinyl bumper truck size:




VERY IMPORTANT:  You must physically measure each cart. Do not calculate the circumference using Length x Width, as this method only works for exact rectangles and not carts with rounded corners.

HELPFUL TIP:  Use string or twine to determine a vinyl bumper truck's CIRCUMFERENCE.  Wrap string around the widest point of cart's lip/upper edge.  Then measure the string's length with a measuring tape.  

Printable Installation Instructions

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