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Robot Vacuum Bumper Guard | ROBO


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                 ROBO Vacuum Bumper Guard


  • Universal Fit! Installs on ALL Robotic Vacuum Brands

  •  Best Robot Vacuum Bumper on the market. Eliminates damage to furniture, woodwork, walls, and paint. Protects vacuum.
  • Better Protection: Our 3/8-inch thick bumper guard is made of high quality, SOFT, and durable FABRIC laminated with foam-rubber. 100% Made in the USA .
  • Full Coverage: We offer 60-inches of Bumper Guard – enough to cover Top | Bottom | Front | Back. Our bumper fits robot vacuums of all shapes and sizes.
  • Bumper securely attaches with USA Velcro adhesive.


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Do you feel frustrated when your robotic vacuum smacks walls and furniture, causing irritating background noise and leaving a trail of nicks & scuff marks?

Install our ROBO Vacuum Bumper and rest assured your unsupervised vacuum is moving and doing its job without risking damage to your furniture, woodwork, paint, and even the vacuum.

VacuBumper™ for Robotic vacuums are customizable and fit ALL robot vacuum brands.  Simply cut the bumper guard to fit the segments of the vacuum that causes damage.  The ROBO bumper says securely attached using industrial strength Velcro.

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