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Housekeeping Cart Bumper Guards with Custom Fit

SKU CUSTOM PRODUCT - Important Ordering Information

NEW!   CUSTOM Housekeeping Cart Bumper Guard

Housekeeping carts are available in many sizes.  The following measurements are needed for each cart to ensure bumper guards will fit properly.  Enter measurements in the fields provided above.

  • Circumference: Measure around the widest top edge of cart
  • Dimensions: Measure the Length x Width 

Please provide an EXACT measurement, as we are unable to accept returns for CUSTOM MADE products. See photos for measuring instructions.

FREE Shipping within the Continental USA!

Daily mishaps with housekeeping carts cause damage to hallway walls and vinyl wallcoverings.  Install DuraBumper's Housekeeping Cart Bumper Guards to reduce maintenance & repair costs while protecting hotel décor from damage.

  • Increase staff efficiency - work quickly without causing damage
  • Reduce time & costs associated with facility repairs
  • Protect housekeeping equipment

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