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Custom Made-to-Order Bumper Guard

Item #PTBG is a custom-made bumper guard designed specifically for hard plastic standard poly trucks. Our DuraBumper™ Guards will protect hotel décor from cart damage, helping to maintain a pristine appearance and eliminate costly repairs.

Brands that Item #PTBG fits


  1. MEASURE CART (Cart Measuring Instructions)
  2. DETERMINE Bumper Size (Item #PTBG Size Chart)
  3. ENTER Cart's EXACT Measurements
  4. SELECT CORRECT Bumper Size
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Size Chart for #PTBG
SMALL LESS than or EQUAL to 138"
MEDIUM GREATER than 138" & LESS than 150"
LARGE EQUAL to or GREATER than 150"


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Benefits & Features:

● Custom fit for Standard Poly Trucks

● Protects walls, doorways and elevators from nicks, scratches & scuff marks  

● Reduces facility repair costs & cosmetic touch-ups 

● Increases staff efficiency – work quickly without causing damage

● Protects hotel, hospitality and janitorial equipment from damage

● Offers a professional fit and appearance 

● Installs easily, fits tightly and stays securely attached - Item #PTBG Installation Instructions

● Made with padded layers of premium materials that are highly durable yet smooth & non-marking

● Made in the USA 

CIRCUMFERENCE = The length (distance) around the widest point of the cart's top edge.


DO NOT calculate the circumference by adding together the cart's dimensions (length + length + width + width), as this only works for an exact rectangle and not for carts with rounded corners.


Physically measure each cart.

EXACT measurements are required.

Custom-made items are non-returnable.

In the fields above, enter the following for EACH CART SIZE:

  • Circumference

  • Length

  • Width

  • Quantity

DuraBumper Item #PTBG is custom made Poly Truck Bumper Guard and requires measurements

Item #PTBG - Poly Truck Bumper Guard fits the following:

  • Dandux (CR Daniels) Poly Taper Truck

  • Meese Utility Trux - 39-series

  • Royal Basket Trucks

  • Poly Truck & Utility Cart

  • R&B Wire Standard Poly Truck (with hard plastic top-edge)

  • Uline

  • Poly Box Truck

  • Wesco

  • Plastic Box Truck