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Rubbermaid® Cube Truck Extra Wide BUMPER GUARD | R-CTBG


See Below for Measuring Instructions


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Daily mishaps with laundry & utility trucks cause damage to hallway walls, doorframes and elevators. Install our Cube Truck Extra Wide Bumper Guards by DuraBumper to protect surfaces and eliminate costly repairs.



Custom Bumper Guards for Rubbermaid Cube Trucks

Follow the steps below when placing orders:

Step 1:  Order the CORRECT Bumper Guard

Does the top-edge of your cart look like Cart A or B shown below?   If YES,  continue to Step 2:  Cart Measuring Instructions.   



If NOT, click on the photo below that looks like your cart's top-edge.  



Step 2:  Cart Measuring Instructions


  • EXACT measurements are required
  • Two people are necessary when measuring carts
  • We cannot accept returns of custom-made products
  • In the fields above, enter the following for EACH cube truck size:




VERY IMPORTANT:  You must physically measure each cart. Do not calculate the circumference using Length x Width, as this method only works for exact rectangles and not carts with rounded corners.

HELPFUL TIP:  Use string or twine to determine a cube truck's CIRCUMFERENCE.  Wrap string around the widest point of cart's lip/upper edge.  Then measure the string's length with a measuring tape.  


 Printable Installation Instructions
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