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Luggage Cart Bumper Guards

     LCBG Important Instructions for Made-to-order Bumper Guards

Measuring Instructions 

IMPORTANT:  Measurements are required for EACH Luggage Cart to ensure CUSTOM bumper guards fit properly.  

 Luggage Cart Measuring Instructions:

  • Enter LENGTH x WIDTH and CIRCUMFERENCE for EACH cart in the fields above.

NOTE:  Luggage carts have rounded edges; for this reason, the circumference cannot be accurately calculated based on cart dimensions.

  • Measuring with accuracy is very important to ensure bumper guards fit properly.
  • See photos for measuring demonstration.

NOTE:  We cannot accept returns of CUSTOM products.

MEASURING TIP:  If you do not have a cloth or flexible measuring tape, use a rope or twine to determine the length around the widest point of the cart’s frame/rubber bumper, and then measure the length of the rope with a measuring tape.

    Ordering Instructions

    Enter the circumference, length, width, and Bumper Guard order quantity. Click: "Add ITEM to cart"  Repeat process for each different size luggage cart.

    NOTE: Your order may be placed without measurements.  Production will begin after measurements are received.  Send the following information to  

    • Contact Name | Business
    • Order Number
    • Cart Measurements: Circumference & Length x Width

    NOTE:  Luggage Cart is not included with Bumper Guard purchase


    Luggage Cart Bumper Guard by DuraBumperTM Guards

    Your guests' first impression is essential, so keep fresh paint looking pristine by installing DuraBumper Guards.

    Eliminate facility damage caused by luggage or bellman carts to the hotel lobby, elevators, hallway walls, and doorways.

    Measuring Instructions:

    measure instructionsRequired - For each cart:
            • Cart Circumference:  Measure around each cart as shown in the photo to determine the circumference. 
            • Cart Dimensions:  Length x Width 


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